Fishing club “SIPA”

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In accordance with local tradition and in order to introduce as many people as possible to the magic of fishing as a sport, UNA on April 12, 2010 founded the Club of sport fishermen “Sipa”.

By the nature of things, and in the spirit of community that adorns the team of employees at UNA, the members of the Club are its employees. In this way, they improve their knowledge and skills, compete with each other, organize social gatherings, and most importantly – in this way improve their professional knowledge, which they selflessly share with their customers.

This is the best way for all workers to gain knowledge of fishing skills, and get closer to the range offered by Una with its SIPA stores, as well as the Marine Center.

By participating in competitions, both local, national and international, the club stood out with great success and numerous awards.

We have been the winners of the International “Rombon Cup”, which is held every year in Igalo.

Also, some of our members are members of the national team, and CRS SIPA has a representative in the Executive Board of the Association of Sea Fisheries of Montenegro.

Through the “Sipa” retail facilities, the Club distributes fishing licenses for domestic and foreign citizens.

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Sipa team

Some of the AWARDS

  • Plaketa za pomoć organizaciji svjetskih šampionata 2016 – Savez za sportski ribolov na moru Crne Gore
  • VI KUP ROMBUNA – Memorijal Milovan Miško Vujičić – Igalo 2015 – II mjesto
  • XV “Kup Mimoze” – Igalo 2014 – ekipno I mjesto
  • Plaketa za rezultate postignute na takmičenju u toku 2014 – Seniorska ekipa
  • V KUP ROMBUNA – Memorijal Milovan Miško Vujičić – Igalo 2014–  I mjesto
  • IV KUP ROMBUNA – Memorijal Milovan Misko Vujičić – Igalo-2013 – III mjesto
  • Prvenstvo Crne Gore “Štapom iz barke” – ekipno, seniori 2012 – III mjesto
  • KUP ROMBUNA – Memorijal Milovan Miško Vujičić – Igalo 2012 – III mjesto
  • 17 Pokal Menola , Slovenija– Izola 2011 – ekipno – II Mjesto
  • KUP ROMBUNA – Memorijal Milovan Misko Vujičić – Igalo 2011 – II MJESTO
  • IV svjetski šampionat u ribolovu štapom sa broda za juniore U21 – Tivat 2004

Working hours

Ponedjeljak - Subota od 8h do 16h